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Market Tracker

Used Market Trader Index

After trading, selling and buying several Leica equipment through various methods (eBay, forums, Facebook, etc), my Corporate Finance background compelled me to put together a price history trend for used Leica camera bodies based on the averages of the sold prices I’ve seen through various outlets.

These used market prices are subject to change on a monthly basis and obviously affected by the recent price increases from the tariffs for German photography goods.

(Prices excluded Limited or Collectors Edition Models)

Screen Shot 2020-02-18 at 9.56.08 AM

Source: Fred-Miranda, eBay and Facebook Classifieds

I would refer to the chart above as a reference point for potential buyers.

Market Analysis (as of January 2020)

Digital Leica M Bodies

  • Leica M9 prices are holding strong, averaging between $2200 – $2500 for an excellent condition with a new CCD sensor replaced. Do your due diligence and ask the seller if the sensor was replaced! If not, walk away or don’t pay more than $1000 if the body is in excellent condition. It will cost you $1,500 to get it replaced through Leica since the voluntary replacement program was expired.
    • This applies to all models of the M9 (i.e.) M9 Monochrom, M9-P, and all special editions.


  • Leica M10 prices are falling drastically where you can now find them for an average price around $4,500 in excellent condition (with boxes and accessories). I’ve recently bought one second hand for $4,000 in excellent condition with minor bright marks on the top place (it’s silver) with boxes and accessories. Anything above $4,500 is not a very good proposition anymore.
    • M10-P and M10-D (used) prices are starting to dip below $6,000 where the lowest I’ve seen go on sale was around $5,700 in excellent condition with complete box and accessories.
    • M10 Monochrom (used) prices are the same as brand new prices due to the fact that it’s very difficult to find one right now.


  • Leica M (Typ 240) is easily the best bargain right now for those looking for a modern digital Leica M Rangefinder as it sits neatly between M9 and the M10. Prices vary between $2,500 – $3,000 for excellent examples (full box and accessories). This is the perfect budget Leica digital rangefinder without the faults or drama that comes with the M9.
    • Leica M-P (Typ 240) averages around $3,000 – $3,400 for excellent examples. I purchased mine in August 2019 from a Leica dealer of all places, for a mere $3,200 for a mint condition with all the accessories and boxes!
    • Leica M Monochrom (Typ 246) is still demanding premiums over the M-P for around $4,000 on average, but expect this to come down as dealers are trying to clear their inventory of their still brand-new, but not discontinued Monochroms: Camera West is selling brand new bodies for $4,000
    • Leica M (Typ 262) are excellent cameras, but they’re still a little bit more expensive than the standard M (Typ 240) and I would hold off on those.
    • Leica M-D (Typ 262) are in the same dilemma as the Monochrom (Typ 246). You can expect to see more available this year with prices dropping down to mid to low $3,500 for clean examples.


  • Leica M8 – buy only if you fall within the following category
    • You want to take IR photos
    • You are a digital Leica hipster
    • You love the crop factor
    • You have a thing for throwing on IR filters on all your lenses
    • If your budget is under $1,800

Analog Leica M Bodies

  • Analog Film Cameras – no surprises here but prices have stabilized for the Leica M6 to around $2,000 for excellent condition bodies. Mint copies like you would see on JCH (Japan Camera Hunter) will cost you a pretty penny as they’re pretty much brand new.

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