Welcome to my site where I share my life using an analog style digital camera after¬†several years of shooting with various DSLRs and mirrorless cameras that you see people carry and travel with all around you. I really hated carrying all that bulk and as cameras become more high-tech, they’ve also become more complicated to use with their extensive menu systems and feature. To me, a more complicated and “capable” system is not what photography is all about. Therefore, in my pursuit of finding a more minimalistic camera system that bring me back to the fundamentals of photography, I’ve finally come across a camera that fit all ethos of what simplifying photography should be: the Leica M rangefinder camera.

This site consists of how a more simplified camera system works for me for travel, street, documentary and just everyday moments that I like to capture with less gear and anxiety. After years of chasing the latest gear and trying to cure my GAS, I have now settled down to one system that fit me and forces me to master the essentials, something that only Leica rangerfinders can do.

“Das Wesentliche” as they say in German.

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Since people will be asking, here is a standalone page on what gear I use to create these beautiful images in a compact package.

What’s in my Camera Bag?


In the pursuit of minimalism, my camera bags are typically small with each bag carrying a different camera kit depending on what I’m doing.


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