Leica M9 – Taking a break from civilization

This past weekend, Amy and I took a overnight trip to West Virginia to celebrate Anthony’s birthday party after he rented a cabin for the weekend. The trip from Northern Virginia to Lost City, West Virginia (I’m not joking) didn’t go too smoothly as we were lost due to both of our phones losing signal (this is not Verizon town) and the GPS just being wrong in general.

Despite these issues, the locals in this town were extremely friendly and helpful on helping us “outsiders” not make fools of ourselves. One gentleman, a local farmer, gave us directions as he said it was common for out of town people to get lost in his parent’s driveway…which then lead to a nice chat about his locally grown chickens that he was very fond of.


After another 30-40 minutes of back-tracking through George Washington National Forest and through some twisty back roads, we’ve finally made it to the cabin where Anthony greeted us with smiles.

Photos taken with the Leica and Summilux-M 35mm f/1.4 ASPH

Birthday Boy


Love the Leica’s ability to render micro-contrast, giving the 3D look.


Next Morning

The following morning was a slow start for everyone due to the previous evening’s shenanigans, and without fail…it took a few games of Mario Kart and breakfast to get everyone up and ready for the hike that was to follow.

The location of the hiking trail was approximately 20 minutes from our cabin by car and happened to be located in the heart of Lost River State Park.

lost river

The hiking trail shares the same trail as their horse trail, so there was a lot of horse shit on the path. Luckily for us, most of the shit was pretty fresh so they were easy to spot, but there were a few that had decayed so much that it started to blend into the dirt that it was tricky to spot.

Our fellow trail dog Remy enjoyed snacking on a few.

Photos taken with the Leica and Summicron-M 50mm


Remy and the parents


This was our last event before most of us headed home since we had work the next day, but taking a break away from the city where being connected to world takes over most of our daily lives, it felt really nice to become one with nature and just unplugging from the world. With the colder weather start to roll in and the fall leaves begin to turn, it’s about the perfect time to go outside and enjoy this weather before winter comes.


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