Date Night in DC – Cherry Blossoms

We had a rare change in weather (for the better) where the temperature rose to the 70’s degrees Fahrenheit. To take advantage of this, Amy and I decided to go out on a day date in the city during the Cherry Blossom bloom by the Tidal Basin.

Photos were taken with the Leica M9


Switching perspectives now with photos taken by Amy

It was quite hazy outside, but just enough light for some amazing photos


Amy’s sweet shoes


Amy had an infatuation with this dog


As the sun was setting, it was about that time to grab dinner and our friend Katie recommended a Filipino Restaurant in Columbia Heights called the “Purple Patch“.

I have to admit that I was very impressed with the food there, especially their desserts which Amy and I had devoured like fat asses after our entrees.

The small restaurant is located in the lower levels of the of another restaurant, which gives it a cozy atmosphere.

Despite the M9 having very poor low light shooting capability, the dynamic range allowed me to recover some exposure.
The bar inside “Purple Patch”
The bar had a very tasty selection of beer

More photos by Amy



After dinner, we took the Metro back home and ended the long day.

Thanks for reading.

Flickr: Tae

Flickr: Amy

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