X100F – Classic Chrome Series 1

I guess you could call this update a proper outing with my “new” X100F since I’ve sold it in my last X100F update after purchasing the Leica Q.  The only difference being that this time, I picked up the black body instead of the silver one, because you know…want to stay inconspicuous for those candid photos.

One of the few things that drew me back to the X100F (other than my original reason here), were the following:

  1. The awesome hybrid rangefinder – to be frank, I’m having a lot of fun using a OVF Rangefinder style camera. I personally turn off the LCD Live-View on the back of the camera and strictly compose via OVF. It’s overall preparing me for my ultimate end goal.
  2. The compact body with a 24MP sensor with the 23mm f/2 lens (35mm equivalent) which is my favorite focal length for street photography.
  3. The amazing in-camera film simulations, such as Acros, Provia and my personal favorite: classic chrome.

While everyone on social media paste on filters to give their photos a moody tone or film look, the Fuji X series cameras have these “filters” baked onto the photos straight out of camera, which cuts down on most of my post-processing.

I personally use the built-in simulations and add a touch of my own adjustments to add a bit more contrast.

Example below:

Reston, VA – Fujifilm X100F – Classic Chrome

Imagine your workflow where you don’t have to go crazy with the heavy RAW (.RAF for Fujifilm) files, but using the lighter JPEG files instead?


Speaking of end goals, I originally took the Metro into the city because I thought my Leica Q workshop was Saturday, but it actually ended up being the following Sunday.

Needless to say, I felt dumb but still enjoyed my time playing with all the Leica toys in the shop and then walking around the city a bit more to capture some more street photography with the Fujifilm.


To end it here, I’m thoroughly enjoying my time shooting with the X100F using the hybrid rangefinder and the images that come out of the camera is nothing short of satisfying.

To see more, you can follow my dedicated classic chrome instagram account here: @urban_chrome


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