Fresh Air: Walk with the Leica Q

The weather was very nice today (as nice as it could be in late December) and since I’m done with my Fall semester class, I felt the urge to go outside and take some photos.

The Leica Q is now my primary camera for general and street photography since I’ve sold my beloved PEN-F to a member on I felt that the PEN-F’s purpose and use crossed over to the Leica too often, therefore if I’ve decided to thin my collection.

That doesn’t mean I’ve left the beautiful world of Micro Four-Thirds. Not at all. I still have my workhorse E-M5 Mark II with its PRO lenses and Amy’s E-PL8 with Leica primes, therefore my attachment to the PEN-F was more emotional rather than practical.

With that update out of the way, here are some pictures from today.




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