DC Walk: A Date with the Fujifilm X100F

Amy and I had planned on going into the city to visit a art “lightshow” you might call it, at the ARTECHOUSE near the Mall. Since we were going to be in town and I like to park in the garage in the City Center, I thought it would be a great idea to grab lunch with my favorite DC couple (@jollie_jillie) at the Momofuku restaurant located at the heart of City Center.

The parking situation didn’t go as planned for my car (I ended up bottoming the car out on the driveway since it had a steep incline) but the rest of the day went very well.

Today was also the day I got to shoot my brand new Fujifilm X100F out in the wild today since picking it up the day before, so all the pictures you’ll see here in Part 1 of this DC visit will be from the X100F in unedited JPEG in “Classic Chrome” built-in preset.

The out of camera JPEGs from the Fuji X100F were pleasing to look at


Can’t tell if Jillian is amused or not – Photo taken by Oliver

Lunch at Momofuku was expensive for “brunch” (in reality, it was pretty much lunch) but the food was quite good and the pork belly ramen tasted pretty good to me. Amy said that she had better at a local Japanese restaurant.

After lunch we headed out for a walk before Amy and I had to leave for the ARTECHOUSE and snapped some street photos. I’ll have to upload Amy’s photos in the next blog update.

I always stop by the Arc’teryx store whenever I’m in the city

After a brief walk, we stopped by the Leica store (at my request) to window shop the unobtanium cameras. I currently have my eye on the Leica Q in particular since it’s the “cheapest real Leica” (people called it the gateway drug to Leica), but I wasn’t so sure about the 28mm focal length, despite being a legendary Leica SUMMILUX lens. I always felt that 28mm was a little bit too wide for general photography, therefore I was a little timid about pulling the trigger on one.

What happened next blew my mind.

The Leica representative in the store loaned me the Leica Q for the day as one of their “test drive and buy” policies they had at every Leica store at no cost. Of course I took this opportunity to take the camera out for a spin, but I’ll have to update that in another blog update dedicated to the Leica experience.

One thing I can tell you is that the camera is worth every money and even considered a bargain for what you get.

I don’t want to distract this blog update with my gushiness over the Leica, so enjoy the rest of the photos from the day.


Next update coming soon.

All photos taken straight out of camera JPEG from the X100F

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