Dialing it In – Cayman Journals (Part 1)

I’ve been MIA lately due to a lot of changes in my life, most importantly starting my MBA doing it full-time while working full-time. It takes up a lot of your time during the day (including weekends) therefore most people wouldn’t do this and I would advise against it, but being single with regimented lifestyle makes it easy for me.

I’m going to start a recurring journal on my recent “milestone” present I’ve recently picked up; my new to me Porsche Cayman.

Taken with the Olympus PEN-F

The car search took a few months and surprisingly difficult to find the one that I wanted that met these prerequisites:

  • Porsche Cayman or Cayman S (based on price)
  • One owner history (max)
  • Had an existing factory warranty
  • Under 30,000 miles
  • Immaculate paint condition
  • Immaculate interior condition
  • Manual transmission
  • Fit my budget (my personal 30% rule)

Most of the local cars in my area (edit: all) were demanding too much money, none were manual, and the Cayman S models with the 3.4L engines were at least $10K more expensive with more miles compared to a base model with the 2.7L engine with a manual transmission.

Taken with the Olympus PEN-F

The only car I could find that met my requirements was in Pittsburgh, PA (Allison Park to be exact), which was four hours from my house.

Anyways, I don’t want to spend to much on the “introduction” blog of the Cayman, but I did find the car that met all my needs.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Taken with the Olympus PEN-F



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