Off-Centered Day: Dogfish Head’s Off-Centered BeerFestival 

Saturday marked one of the annual beer festivals hosted by DogFish Head which is an event that bring local breweries together to show off their latest projects.

For as little as $16, visitors could get samples the brewer’s latest cocoction from various breweries such as Old Ox, Old Bust Head, and Ornery to name a few.

Ben, Drazen and I (and eventually Jess) met up and enjoyed some of what these local heroes had to offer (except for Jess…because…pregnant).

Everyone that represented their brewery were super nice people and fun to chat with, but I have to give a shout out to Old Ox Brewery because they’re a local favorite of mine.

These events also bring together some of the most interesting and laid back people you’ll ever meet.

Gotta love the colors on Olympus JPEGs.

Note: The Olympus PEN-F pretty much became my Fuji X100F of sorts (single 35mm equivalent lens) since I’m more than happy with the current 17mm f/1.8 prime I have permanently attached to the body since I feel that it’s more than adequate (or excellent) for my street photograpy needs. Although there will be days when Chris is with us and I’ll borrow one of his small arsenal (not kidding) of Olympus and Panasonic MFT (Micro Four Thirds) lenses…like the 75mm f/1.8.

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