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Photo by Tae Kim @ |

Over the weekend after the gym, I was recommended by a friend to stop by National Harbor if I was looking to take good photos during the warm weekend.

Needless to say I was looking for any excuse to take my new Olympus PEN-F out for more street photography and National Harbor seemed like the perfect spot to capture moments during this warm weather.

Note: All the pictures were taken straight out of the camera JPEGs.

Photo by Tae Kim @ |

I was shocked yet not surprised at the amount of traffic going into the harbor. If you were looking for a place to getaway with your family, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else but here right now.

Photo by Tae Kim @ |

Something seemed off to me while I walked only a block away from where I parked. I noticed people wearing costumes and cosplayers walking about nonchalantly as if I was in Wonderland or something.

I actually had to stop some people and asked them what was going on and they laughingly replied, “Katsucon!”

I have to admit that I’ve never been to a “con” before but I was excited to see some of my favorite video game and anime characters come to life in front of me.

Seriously, my inner nerdom came out.

Photo by Tae Kim @ | by Tae Kim @ | by Tae Kim @ |

I also noticed that there were A LOT A LOT  A LOT of photographers out here in their full professional gear. I’m talking soft boxes, tripods, battery grips and some even had assistants. I laughed at myself thinking I should have brought my Sony gear, but my mission today was to capture moments of humanity, not cosplayers.

I have to admit, I love this little (albeit expensive) Olympus and it was quickly becoming my favorite camera of all time.

The PEN-F has this dial on the front of the camera to mimic the original PEN-F’s shutter dial, but on the current digital version, Olympus had other plans.

The front dial now acts as a “creative dial”, which can switch the color profile of the camera to popular old-school film simulations.

I’ve been using Monochrome Profile 2 with medium grain, which closely mimic’s Kodak’s TRI-X. This film is famous for it’s very contrasty look and I think the PEN-F nailed it here with their modern simulation of the old.

Photo by Tae Kim @ | by Tae Kim @ |

The pictures look absolutely stunning and the grain simulation was actually taken from real TRI-X film grain scans to mimic that “look”.

Photo by Tae Kim @ | by Tae Kim @ |

These pictures were all taken with the Olympus 25 f/1.8, my only lens at the time but it did job very well.

Photo by Tae Kim @ | by Tae Kim @ | by Tae Kim @ |

The PEN-F fully articulating LCD screen lets you pull of some real sneaky, ninja shots as well.

Photo by Tae Kim @ | by Tae Kim @ |

The dials and the controls on the PEN-F are some of the most tactile and robust controls I have ever felt, matching that of current Leica cameras. The shutter and aperture dials are smooth and rotates with the perfect amount of resistance, while the Mode dial and the dedicated exposure dial have more resistance since you won’t be changing those too often. This also prevents them from accidentally turning during storage or fat fingering it off course. Attention to detail like that is something only a few manufacturers can get right.

I’m going to play around with it some more but I’m loving the overall user experience that come with this camera.

Photo by Tae Kim @ | by Tae Kim @ | by Tae Kim @ | by Tae Kim @ | by Tae Kim @ | by Tae Kim @ | by Tae Kim @ | by Tae Kim @ | by Tae Kim @ |

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