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Woke up early this morning to try to capture the sunrise over the mall in the city, but I wasn’t prepared for the cold weather when I walked outside.

I looked at my iPhone and the temperature read: 24*F


Went back inside and threw on some extra layers before driving out.

The city was dead, as you would expect it to be at 6:00am in the morning, but this is another reason why you want to go in early if you want to take some epic pictures without tourists popping up in your frame like pop-up ads.

The first place I went to setup my tripod was the Vietnam Memorial:

Photo by Tae Kim @

One of the biggest strengths of Sony’s full-frame cameras is the dynamic range, capable of capturing the brightest highlights and the darkest shadows.

Photo by Tae Kim @

Full on HDR Mode

Photo by Tae Kim @

Since I was in the area, I’ve decided to walk over to the Lincoln Memorial and snap some photos there.

More tourists started to appear in droves since it was 8am but not enough to distract my photos.

Photo by Tae Kim @ www.cosmotographer.comPhoto by Tae Kim @

Photo by Tae Kim @

Dynamic Range

Photo by Tae Kim @ www.cosmotographer.comPhoto by Tae Kim @ www.cosmotographer.comPhoto by Tae Kim @ www.cosmotographer.comPhoto by Tae Kim @

It was cold as hell so I called it a day and drove back home. I love taking pictures and the results speak for themselves, but once it’s over…you just want to get out of the city.

High Res

One comment on “Sunrise -2/4/2017

  1. atmtx says:

    I like your angles and framing.

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