A trip to the Leica store in DC

After the Chinese New Years festival, Oliver mentioned that we passed the Leica store on F Street a few blocks back. This piqued my interest and motivated me to walk back to stop by the store to check out their wares.

Oliver couldn’t join us since he already had plans, but Ben and I made the trip to this tiny store located on 977 F Street, NW.

The store was dimly lit and there were maybe two female reps helping out a customer looking at what looked like a Leica M camera. Sure enough he was fondling the new Leica M10.

I couldn’t help but check out his camera slung over his shoulder and noticed that he was sporting a Sony A6300 with Leica glass adapted to it. I didn’t ask him what model lens it was but it was cool to see nonetheless.

Back to the main feature of the story: the Leica M10.

Photo by Tae Kim @ www.cosmotographer.comPhoto by Tae Kim @ www.cosmotographer.com

My first impression of the Leica M10 when I held it was the weight. Don’t let the camera’s small size fool you. The thing weighs as much (if not more) than my full-frame Sony A7II, except with exceptional build quality. The entire camera just feels damn expensive…and it is too at a price just shy of $7,000 for the body alone.

The top and body portion of the camera is made of solid blocks of brass while the main chassis is made from magnesium alloy.

Kai Wong posted a video flying to Germany to preview the new M10. Go check it out.

Photo by Tae Kim @ www.cosmotographer.com

The late Steve Jobs was also a big fan of Leica cameras and during his introduction of the iPhone 4, he quoted: “You gotta see this in person. This is beyond the doubt, the most precise thing, and one of the most beautiful we’ve ever made. Glass on the front and back, and steel around the sides. It’s like a beautiful old Leica camera.”

Photo by Tae Kim @ www.cosmotographer.com

Photo by Tae Kim @ www.cosmotographer.com
Accessories Galore

The setting of the store and the way the representatives were attentive to you reminded of going to a fine Swiss watch store, like Omega. Everything is minimally designed and aesthetically pleasing while not overwhelming you with too much stuff on display.

Photo by Tae Kim @ www.cosmotographer.com
Used Leica lenses

Photo by Tae Kim @ www.cosmotographer.com

Photo by Tae Kim @ www.cosmotographer.com
Parts and Accessories

Photo by Tae Kim @ www.cosmotographer.com

Photo by Tae Kim @ www.cosmotographer.com
ONA and Leica branded leather camera bags
Photo by Tae Kim @ www.cosmotographer.com
Some pics of famous Leica photographers

Everything in the store was expensive and obviously so.

This is a boutique store like anything else in the high end market, but something can be said about Leica cameras. They design the best full-frame rangefinders in the world.

High Res: Flickr

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